Monday, 22 February 2016

IPTV providers

Here is a list of IPTV providers, I am mainly focusing on providers who provide Kodi integration.  You will find links to them and some headline facts which you may find useful when trying to integrate IPTV with PVR functionality in Kodi for example:

Provider Name
1 Month Cost
1 Year Cost
Number of Channels
Kodi app
Free trial available?
Trial limitations
Iptvsubs own
1 day


3 hours

VLC only, 24 hours


NTV plugin
Not available in UK
StreamTVBox from Xunity
£4 for 2 days

Needs MAG box
MBOX HDTV plugin

Canadian provider
36 hours


Offer of lifetime access €99
Sports Donkey own
1 day pass £5, 1 week £10
£175 (13m)
Ruya own
1 day pass £2 (Mon-Thu)
Dexter own

 Streams own

24 hours
Sports only £7/month   

Feel free to share your experiences of any of the providers and their services on this blog!


  1. Thanks for posting, good info.....

  2. Hi have a question, I have only used Iptvsubs using STB Emulator. Your link for Iptv66 do they offer service using STB Emulator? I've checked out there site but new to all this. So not to sure about them. Thanks.....

  3. Hi Simon thanks for the nice comment on the blog! I am not totally sure about iptv66, but in would try this forum for help as it seems they do have but because I don't have a subscription there I can't help you

    Out of interest, what device do you use the STB emulator on, and how did you find my blog?

  4. Hey, thanks for the link will read up about it. Presently have a service from IPTVSUBS using STB Emulator on Android Tablet & PC. So far everything seems to work. Have noticed between 4-8 pm est. am having a hard time connecting to there service. May be do to more subscribers signing up for there service. Video quality so far has been great, maybe a few Ch's that mess up a bit but overall very satisfied.

    If I remember correctly saw your link on one over your post's on IPTV site.
    I'm still new to this technology so not to sure about what Iks means? In which iptv66 states on there site. I have been using for the past year a site called. WOWTV which runs on Roku which works great! Many International Ch's with U.K. plus U.S. They cost $20.00 a month and they very little down time which is nice.

    1. yes I've read a bit about Roku recently, sounds good. what made you try out instead? You're right you'll have seen me on their forum, I was interested in the Kodi plugin. To be honest though I want a better EPG than their Kodi plugin offers. I would like at least "Now and Next", but utopia would be 3 days EPG and the ability to record to my hard drive, like Live TV works on Kodi when you have DVB tuners.

      The thing you're talking about IKS is Internet Key Sharing, it's not something I've looked into but I believe to be for when you have a satellite dish

  5. Hey, found IPTVSUbs totally by chance. Signed up two weeks ago. What system are you using to watch there Ch's? Is it working well for you?

    Few days back signed up for one month of Mbox service that you have posted on your list. Using KODI to watch them on PC & Android Tablet. They have a good selection of U.K. Ch's. Read about IKS very interesting technology. I wonder if IPTV is getting feeds that way. I've always love watching foreign Ch's been my hobby for years

    Have you ever tried Sling Tv? I use them on and off. They have a free 7 day trial which is worth checking out. Sling for the past 8 months have had major problems with there service with buffering and vol. problems. They built a system from ground up instead of using present video technology. They have had major complaints on Facebook up till the past month when they finally got there system working correctly.

    1. Sorry I didn't see this reply for some reason. I haven't yet tried IPTVSubs, I have only tried AlphaCS, which worked well in a Kodi frontend. You can see my review on this blog, the only thing I wasn't taken by was the lack of EPG, but I believe this can be sorted it will just take some research to get there.

      I only use a Kodi frontend as that's how I've standardised my house.

      No I've not tried Sling TV before.

  6. Signed up for few days back. Almost all there ch`s do not work, and did some some research they have major bad reviews. Made major mistake ordering there service. Have ever tried them before? If not, Dont....

    1. Thanks for the tip!!! Hope you didn't lose too much money

  7. You should look at Evolution-IPTV. New to the public but been doing this for many years. Amazing thing to come..

  8. Hey thanks for the link will check them out. Finally after months looking, bought a Amazon Firestick. Guy at store told me they sell out 1-2 days after they get them in. Apparently people buy all them all up and install Kodi on them and sell online for more $$ Installed Kodi and Stb emulator on it. Tried Iptvsubs on Kodi, only compaint long wait for Ch. Changing. On Stb side Ch change in about 2 sec`s much better.

    1. I have a fire box, absolutely love it, runs kodi so well. Interesting review about iptv subs , I'm quite keen to check them out still but want to get my head around creating an epg as that's how we watch tv. How is the iptv subs plugin? A bit basic I heard on their forums?

  9. On Iptvsubs i finally get the guide working. Someone on the forums i believe designed the guide. Works quite well. Sending along a photo of what it looks like also. There where two guides that someone made first was very basic had listing of present show and next one. Second guide which works well is in photo.
    Love the firestick! Altho on right side of screen constantly
    had the temp icon up showing about 79c. Did some research had and took one side of the plastic case off which helped a lot to bring temp down.

  10. Wanted to show you what WOWTV looks like. It works on Roku and apk app on Android ph`s or tablets. This by far has the fastest load times of any provider i have used. Plus has large list of channels

    1. Hi Simon sorry mate I've only just seen these replies. that WOW TV channel change demo video is extremely impressive! would you mind posting the link of where the WOW TV you have is please? When I google search it, there seems to be lots of IPTV providers called WOW.

      I couldn't get the picture to load of the guide on IPTV subs, but I've been off the scene this week so i'll check out their forums to see the progress, maybe this is the best chance to check out the IPTVSubs trial.

  11. Hey, all the sites you see that have Wowtv in there url are resellers for Wowtv. I have been using 4-5 different sellers through out the year. A couple are slow in activations but never had any problems with any. Wowtv is based out of South Africa.

    This site I have used a few times.
    The only difference in resellers are the price, the lowest I've paied is 20.00 the most is 25.00 just depends on who you find. For past 3 months has have been using a guy on EBay for 20.00 He activates in under a hour which is nice.

    If your thinking about trying out the free 24 hour Iptvsubs I personally would try it on STB Emulator. I have the Emulator installed on Firestick. The plus' much faster loading times then KODI, also has guide for next 3 hours. Plus over all display just looks better.

    1. That's a good tip about IPTVSubs, thanks. Maybe I should post up some comparisons on the blog.

      Also thanks for the wow tv links, it's really impressive from your video.

  12. ZKTV on MAG250/254 ,offer UKTV with 14 day catchup - 48 hour free test

  13. ZKTV is twice as expensive and half as good as any of the listed alternatives.

  14. Thanks for sharing the list.
    I just have listen about I'm not sure how the service is?

  15. I like the way you setup your list. I am not that familiar with Kodi technology. Have lots of Apple products, but I think they frown upon this open-source app product. Not sure if you are interested, but I found this service - TikiLive - Here is their website ( While they do not use Kodi, they stream over most portable devices and they offer a free package with a number of channels to chose from. Just for your interest. Thanks.

    1. thanks Mr Knott. TikiLive looks good, especially how it works with Hisense TVs (which I think are superb by the way)

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