Thursday, 15 September 2016

My Ultimate IPTV solution

I've been having a think about what my favourite setup would look like for a premium IPTV provider.

It'd consist of:

Kodi as the front end. 

I love Kodi and use it daily to view TV Shows, Movies, Radio, Live TV and Pictures.

Kodi's native Live TV Interface.  

Although I'm new to iVue and I really like it so far, i'm used to the native Live TV EPG and it's controls.  It's got it's flaws but it's one of the things that's being worked on by the Kodi developers.

Utopia would be being able to customise which type of tuner (IP or DVB) has priority, e.g. I could set BBC HD through my DVB tuner as priority over the IP equivalent, as it's likely I'd get a higher bitrate through the DVB-T2 tuner than the IPTV service.

Timeshift and PVR functionality.  

I currently use TVheadend for my terrestrial channels and one of the things I've never quite sussed out is the Timeshift functionality, but as a PVR it is rock solid.

If anyone's got any thoughts or suggestions to achieve the dream scenario, please do comment or get me on Twitter @pww_tech !

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